How to Transform Your Body in 25 Minutes

If you are in search of a body contouring solution to target areas of stubborn fat, you’ve come to the right place. Ajeless Health and Medical Spa is proud to offer SculpSure, a non-invasive laser treatment that will deliver a more toned, sculpted you! Are you ready for a safe and stunning transformation? 

What Is SculpSure Body Contouring?

Even with the most disciplined diet and exercise program, some stubborn pockets of fat seem impossible to eliminate. SculpSure, brought to you by Cynosure, is the world’s first FDA-cleared laser treatment that offers a non-invasive solution to target and reduce diet and exercise-resistant fat in areas of the body, including the belly, love handles, back, inner and outer thighs, and under the chin. The best part is that the technology permanently destroys fat cells without harming the skin’s surface, all without surgery or downtime!

How Does SculpSure Work?

SculpSure’s25-minute non-surgical procedure uses light-based laser technology to raise the temperature of unwanted fat cells, destroying them without affecting the skin’s surface. The body’s lymphatic system naturally eliminates the fat cells, leaving you with dramatic results. 

What Is the Difference Between Fat Loss and Weight Loss?

The number of fat cells in the body remains consistent throughout adult life. All weight gain and loss do is increase and decrease the size of the fat cells, not their number. Even with the strictest diet and exercise program, many people find it hard to eliminate fat in certain trouble areas. SculpSure is not a weight-loss tool; it is a fat reduction procedure. After treatment, the fat cells in the target area are permanently destroyed and will never return!

What Should You Expect?

The SculpSure procedure takes as little as 25 minutes to complete. Many patients report deep warmth and a tingling sensation intermittently during treatment. You won’t need any downtime, meaning you can resume your daily activities right away.

Studies show an average of 24% permanent reduction in fat volume after a single treatment. Everyone is different, but you’ll likely start seeing a more sculpted you in as little as six weeks and will enjoy the optimal results in about 12 weeks. Most patients require several SculpSure sessions to achieve the desired results. 

SculpSure Body Contouring Near Me

Contact Ajeless Health and Medical Spa in Northville, MI, to learn more about our revolutionary SculpSure laser body contouring treatment. Imagine achieving the slimmer and more sculpted appearance you desire, all without surgery, pain, or downtime! We look forward to helping you look, feel, and live your best! Call us and schedule your consultation today!