Can Rosacea be Treated Successfully?

If you are tired of dealing with a “permanent sunburn,” your trusted team at Ajeless Health and Medical Spa is here to help. We are pleased to offer non-invasive and non-surgical rosacea solutions to address your unique needs and provide long-term relief. Enjoy a beautifully clear complexion and renew your confidence today!

Rosacea – An Overview

Rosacea is a common inflammatory disorder that causes flushing, blushing, redness, and visible acne-like breakouts or pus-filled bumps on the face. These flare-ups may last weeks to months and then resolve for some time. Rosacea is often mistaken for natural ruddiness, acne, or other skin concerns. 

Rosacea can affect anyone but is more common in adults ages 30-60 with fair skin. Although rosacea is more common in women, men usually develop more apparent signs of the disorder. If left untreated, the progressive skin condition is more challenging to manage as it worsens over time. The causes of rosacea remain unclear, and it is a notoriously challenging condition to control.

How Is Rosacea Treated?

Even though rosacea is difficult to manage, your trusted team at Ajeless Health and Medical Spa offers cutting-edge treatment options to provide symptom relief.

Laser Technology: A series of five, 30-45 minute laser treatments help seal the layers of the tiny vessels causing the generalized redness and flushing, significantly reducing the symptoms of rosacea. There is no downtime after treatment aside from some mild redness that typically dissipates within a few hours. Some individuals may experience mild swelling in the treatment areas for a few days. 

Photorejuvenation: Another excellent tool in our arsenal against rosacea is photorejuvenation. Intense pulsed light effectively shuts down persistent blood vessels causing the redness and breakouts associated with rosacea. After 4-5 treatment sessions, we may recommend one or two photorejuvenation sessions per year to help keep your complexion clear and free of rosacea, as well as a host of complexion imperfections. 

Care After Rosacea Treatment

After rosacea treatment, your skin will need a little extra attention. Make sure you cleanse your face with a mild cleanser when you wake up and before you go to bed to remove oil and dirt that can irritate your skin. It’s also important to use a daily moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. 

Sun protection with a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen is essential year-round to reduce the effects of the sun’s harmful rays on your complexion and to lower the risk of rosacea flare-ups. Our experts may recommend topical skin care products to prevent the return of the blood vessels that cause the excessive redness associated with rosacea. 

Rosacea Treatments Near Me

Contact Ajeless Health and Medical Spa in Northville, MI, to learn more about our safe and effective rosacea solutions. Our fully customized treatment protocols will leave you with a beautifully clear and radiant complexion. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!