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Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Northville, MI

Most diets promote unrealistic calorie restrictions for all participants, regardless of their individual circumstances. The clinical director at the University of Pennsylvania’s Weight and Eating Disorders program reports that 65 percent of people who lose significant weight by dieting gain it back within three years. If you need help with weight loss in Northville, MI, Ajeless offers a program that allows you to beat the odds.

Medical weight loss program in Northville, MI

The Clean Start Medical Weight Loss Program at Ajeless makes weight loss possible with our professional support and accountability. Our staff physician completes a comprehensive medical evaluation to determine if your body can handle a program offering rapid weight loss. We help you reduce your appetite without depriving yourself of needed nutrients.



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Before and after Versa Treament Before and after Versa Treament Before and after Versa Treament Before and after Versa Treament
Video link, learn about our services at Ajeless
Video link, learn about our services at Ajeless

To help speed up metabolism, you’ll receive vitamin and lipotropic injections. Vitamin injections increase your energy so you don’t feel hungry, tired or irritable as you learn to get by with fewer calories. Lipotropic injections contain a group of amino acids, including choline, inositol and methione, along with Vitamin B12. This powerhouse combination helps improve liver functioning so it can flush out toxins and fat from your body. The reason so many people put weight back on after losing it is that most diets burn muscle instead of fat. These injections cause your body to burn fat at a rapid rate while maintaining normal muscle strength.

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Benefits of the Ajeless Clean Start Weight Loss Program

Participating in our physician supervised weight loss program in Northville, MI, offers numerous benefits over commercial diet programs or trying to lose weight on your own. Besides the vitamin and lipotropic injections, you receive a support package that contains the following:

  • Cookbook with over 50 delicious and low-calorie meals
  • Food journal
  • Shopping lists
  • Best practices for success with the program
  • Guidebook

To learn more about our medically supervised weight loss program for men and women, contact Ajeless Health and Medical Spa in Northville, MI, to schedule an appointment.